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Single Board Computer


Unlike a desktop personal computer, SBC do not rely on expansion slots for peripheral functions or expansion. ICOP offers various form factors of SBC which provides you options with better energy saving and performance. With its obvious characteristics and authentic qualities, it could easily meet with your need of critical applications.

[ Core Technology & Key Merit ]

  • SoC (System-on-Chip)

SoC (System-on-Chip) is a major revolution taking place in the design of integrated circuits responding to the unprecedented levels of integration demand. It is a technology allowing CPU, South Bridge, North Bridge and various I/O to be implemented into a single silicon chip and at the same time manifesting the truly embedded spirit by cutting development cycle, increasing product functionality, reliability, performance with even lower power consumption. ICOP, based on the trend and demand of the market, adopts SoC as one of its core technologies and release Vortex86SX, Vortex86DX and Vortex86MX series SBC.

  • Various Built-in Functions

The entire selection SBC of ICOP gears with ISA, PCI, SPI GPIO, USB, LAN, Serial Port, IDE, LPC, Watchdog and more.

  • Quick Boot

The default Quick Boot BIOS of ICOP allows systems to be booted (Power-On-Self-Test) within 5 seconds. This hassles free design has made Vortex86SX, DX and MX system more efficient than ever.

  • Lowest Power Consumption

ICOP provides the lowest power consumption among x86 based embedded boards which could be as low as +5V@320mA.

  • Supporting wide range of operating systems

All the SBC products support DOS, Windows family, various Linux as well as real-time OS and etc.

[ Suitable Application and Projects ]

  • Medical

We all know anything relates to medical is going to be extremely critical since any error happened with medical devices could cost a life. Therefore, ICOP designs and maintains the superior quality and stability of its SBC products which has made it the perfect base for medical systems.

  • Parking Control system

A barrier gate with lift arm is the most common form of parking access control system. The simple rising up and rebounding of a gate seems to be a simple move but it actually requires several different control systems. With ICOP’s various built-in I/O, one can easily design a comprehensive parking system on it.

  • Kitchen Control and Ordering system

Traditional restaurants take orders by memorizing or hand writing which often result in incomplete orders and further to harm restaurants’ reputation. To reduce this particular circumstance, one can apply a modern ordering system featuring an input order device with a monitor showing orders in kitchen. The capability of our SBC can operate up to +85℃ environment which would then be a reliable candidate for such application.

  • Industrial Control Systems and Machine Automation

It is always less expensive to replace a part for a better performance than to have a whole device changed. Therefore, many of machine automation industries such as CNC industry are looking for an upgrade solution for their existing machine for better productivity and efficiency. ICOP, on the other hand, keeps the legacy ISA bus with most of its SBC plus to support old O/S, which is required by many aged devices. Not to mention, ICOP provides support on many old O/S like MS-DOS. In this case, one can easily improve productivity without replacing the entire machine but only the computer.

Sub Items

  • System On Module (17)

    A SOM is a subtype of an embedded computer system and more likely an extension concept of system on chip. The reason we specially design this is that we understand what the difficult part of developing a new system is. Usually, a tailored system for a special application would involve high overhead cost; however, if one adopts SOM, one can easily implement the already laid out pins of I/Os and connectors for consumers who want a customized system without committing months of design and paperwork.

  • μProcessor Module (18)

    These micro modules are designed as a kernel or a part of one’s whole system. This type of modules does not have bundled display (VGA) and storage (NAND Flash) which is another option for customers who are seeking to have more flexibility to build up their own systems.

  • Tiny SBC (10)

    It is the most compact SBC in the world which is suitable for small applications such as IP camera and Handheld PC.

  • PC/104 SBC (22)

    PC/104, the well-known embedded computer standard, defines both form factor and computer bus. This sector of boards is good for various applications.

  • 3.5" Embedded SBC (9)

    For consumer who is looking for more complex function SBC, this is what you are looking for. Our 3.5” Embedded Module offers up to 8 serial com ports and 3 USB at the same time.

  • Half-Size SBC (8)

    The half size module offers industrial standard ISA gold finger for no hassle device upgrade. Besides, it also provides PC/104 for more expansion possibilities.

  • Accessories (16)

    ICOP also provides various accessories equipments such backplane, extension card and transform modules.

  • Embedded Barebone (3)

    Not every application demands a big heavy system. For some of applications, here it is The EB-series offering our customers a compact, light weighted and cost efficient option.

ICE-104 - Industrial Custom Enclosure

Industrial Custom Enclosure

Compact PC - Mini, Green but Powerful
Compact PC

Mini, Green but Powerful

Box PC - Embedded Barebone PC
Box PC

Embedded Barebone PC

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