Embedded Board

Lowest power consumption with fully integrated cpu chip

System on Module - ICOP Proprietary

ICOP defined form factor module with variety of I/O support to speed up your development time.

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System on Module - Standard Form Factor

From the selection of Q7, Smarc, COMExpress down to ETX based on DMP and Intel SoC

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PC/104 SBC

Variaty of PC/104 SBC selection with support such as SATA, VGA, LVDS, TFT-LCD, COM, USB, Parallel, GPIO, CAN, ADC, LAN, IDE and CF card

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3.5" SBC

A series collection support PC/104, PCI-104, and Mini PCIe plus I/Os like COM, GLAN, USB, SPI, GPIO, CAN, ADC, Audio, etc. Storage supports SATA, IDE, Micro SD, and Compact Flash.

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Tiny SBC

Small embedded computer board for space limitation application.

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Half-size SBC

Legacy ISA interface with support of USB, Parallel, COM, GPIO, GPIO, GLAN, VGA, LVDS, TFT-LCD, Audio, and PS/2 Touch. SATA and Compact Flash are also supported in this collection.

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ITX Board

ICOP has selection of ITX SBC such as Mini-ITX, PICO-ITX and E-ITX.

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