QEC-RXXDT0 and QEC-RXXD0T, EtherCAT Slave 32 channels Digital I/O Modules for Enhanced Industrial Efficiency

March 28, 2024

ICOP unveils the QEC-RXXDT0 and QEC-RXXD0T EtherCAT slave digital 32-channel I/O modules. Tailored to effortlessly integrate with EtherCAT master systems, these modules adhere to the EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool (ET9400) standards, enabling rapid and efficient implementation in a variety of industrial settings where dependability and speed are crucial.


Designed for More IO Requests, QEC-RXXDT0 and QEC-RXXD0T

The QEC-RXXDT0 input module and QEC-RXXD0T output module are equipped with sink-type I/O with 32 channels.

  1. QEC-RXXDT0H is an EtherCAT slave digital input module that offers a sink-type I/O with 32 channels, providing a high I/O frequency of 8kHz for rapid response tasks. Its swift 150 ns propagation delay time ensures efficient and timely communication. The module supports distributed clocks, allowing precise synchronization across devices – critical for sequential and time-sensitive operations.
  2. QEC-RXXD0TH complements its counterpart as a digital output module, delivering robust output capabilities with a propagation delay time of 50 µs and the ability to manage 1A on its MOSFET output. Its 3750Vrms isolation protection provides exceptional defense against electrical interferences.


Both modules present a compact design, with dimensions of 107.45 x 66 x 34mm (excluding DIN-rail), and maintain efficient operation within a -20 to +70°C temperature range. They also boast low power consumption, with 3W for the QEC-RXXDT0 and 2.4W for the QEC-RXXD0T, highlighting ICOP’s dedication to energy-efficient solutions.
The Europe-type push-in terminal design makes installation straightforward, and the LED indicators provide immediate status updates for power, run, link, error, and I/O operations.


QEC-RXXDT0 and QEC-RXXD0T Specifications

Digital Type Input Output Input Output
I/O Type Sink
Channel 32
I/O Frequency 8KHz 8KHz - -
Propagation delay time 150 ns 50 μs 150 ns 50 μs
Mailbox Service Yes Yes No No
Distributed clocks Yes Yes No No
Connector Color Positive: Red Negative: Black Positive: Orange Negative: Black Positive: Red Negative: Black Positive: Orange Negative: Black
Protocol EtherCAT (RJ-45 x 2)
Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.3
Transmission Rate 100Mbps
Power Connector 4-pin Power Input/Output & 2-pin FGND
Power Requirement +19 to +50VDC Power Input (Typ. +24VDC@100-140mA)
Power Consumption 3W 3W 2.4W 2.4W
LED Indicator PWR, RUN, LINK, ERROR, DI/O status
Certifications CE, FCC, VCCI
Isolation Protection, Optocoupler 2500 Vrms 3750 Vrms 2500 Vrms 3750 Vrms
Operating Temperature -20 to +70 °C
Internal Monitoring Yes Yes No No

Certified and Compliant

The QEC-RXXDT0 and QEC-RXXD0T EtherCAT slaves both carry CE, FCC, and VCCI certifications, ensuring they meet stringent international safety and operation standards.


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