A compatible Vortext86DX3 3.5-inch solution for long life VDX-6326/27/28

June 14, 2022

A 3.5-inch single-board computer (SBC) is a complete computer that is ideal for space-constrained, compact applications that do not require too many expansions slot interfaces or peripheral functions.


The VDX3-6726 is a 3.5-inch solution with less power consumption, higher performance, and is cost-effective in replacing aging equivalents such as long life solution VDX-6326/27/28. It also provides backward compatibility to support older version of software, thus helping to extend the life cycle of existing products without extensive redesign.

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Benefits of VDX3-6726 and VDX-6326RD-NF/VDX-6327RD/VDX-6328RD-NF

Even though the VDX3-6726 is the newer 3.5” SBC, the VDX-6326/27/28 still have its own features.


Vortex86DX3 Series 3.5” SBC:

The VDX3-6726 is powered by a 1GHz single-core (dual-core optional) Vortex86DX3 and 1-2Gb DDR3. This 3.5” (102 x 146mm) module is designed to replace aging AMD LX800 equivalents and requires less power consumption, higher performance, and is cost-effective.


Vortex86DX Series 3.5” SBC:


The VDX-6326RD-NF/VDX-6327RD/VDX-6328RD-NF have their own features, such as VDX-6326RD-NF has PC104 Connector, VDX-6327RD has 7 COM Port, or VDX-6328RD-NF has PC104+ Connector.







Spec Comparison List

  VDX3-6726 VDX-6326RD-NF VDX-6327RD VDX-6328RD-NF
Processor DM&P SoC Vortex86DX3- 1GHz
L1:32K I-Cache, 32K D-Cache
L2 Cache:512KB
DM&P SoC CPU Vortex86DX – 800MHz
L1:16K I-Cache, 16K D-Cache
L2 Cache 128KB
RAM 1GB/2GB DDR3 Onboard 256/512MB DDR2 Onboard
I/O RS232 x4
Parallel x1
DOS hot SWAP (Optional)
HD Audio
USB (ver. 2.0) x4
16-bit GPIO x1
PS/2 touch controller x1
RS232 x3
16-bit GPIO x1
RS232/422/485 x1
USB (Ver. 2.0)) x3
Parallel x1
Enhanced IDE port
FDD x 1
RS-232 port x7
USB port (2.0) x3
Parallel port x1
16-bit GPIO port x1
RS232 x3
16-bit GPIO x1
RS232/422/485 x1
USB (Ver. 2.0)) x3
Parallel x1
LAN Integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet
Realtek 8111FGbE
Integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet
(VDX-6326RD-NF: Realtek 8100B 0/100Mbps Ethernet)
Bus PC/104 Standard Compliant PC/104 standard compliant
Mini PCI standard compliant
PCI-104+ standard compliant PC/104+ Standard Compliant
Display Integrated 2D VGA chip with dual display support (VGA +TTL / VGA + LVDS)
LVDS: Maximum resolution up to 1024x768 @ 60Hz
Single-channel 24-bit LVDS
XGI Volari Z9s Chipset with VGA, TFT-LCD, and 18-bit LVDS Flat Panel Interface Support
Onboard 32MB VGA Memory, support resolution up to 1280x1024, 16M colors

Vortex86DX3 & Vortex86DX

DM&P electronic had announced the Vortex86DX3 in 2014 and the Vortex86DX in 2008. The Vortex86DX3 is a 32-bit x86-architecture dual-core microprocessor with the compatibility of Windows-based, Linux, and most popular 32-bit RTOS; and the Vortex86DX is an x86 compatible System-on-Chip (SoC) manufactured with a 90nm process and designed to consume less than 1 watt of electricity.

CPU Comparison List

  Vortex86DX3 Vortex86DX
Frequency 1000 MHZ (typ.) 800 MHZ (typ.)
Core Dual Single
Process 40nm 90nm
DRAM Bus 32-bit DDR3 2GB Max. 512MB
GPU 2D Engine, CRT/LCD, UMA, Dual Display N/A
PCI Bus N/A Yes
PCIe Bus Yes N/A
ISA Bus Yes Yes
GPIO Port 88-bit max. 40-bit max.
Ethernet (10/100Mbps) 1 1
SPI 2 1
ADC 11-bit x 8 chan. N/A
Package Size 31 x 31 mm 27 x 27 mm
Ambient Temp -40 ~ +85°C -40 ~ +85°C

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