PCAP 9” Touch Panels Now Available from ICOP Technology

September 22, 2021

ICOP Technology is embracing and expanding into Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) technology by implementing it as an option for our line of 9-inch touch panel devices.

Despite being introduced to consumer level technologies over a decade ago, it’s taken some time for PCAP to enter the industrial sector of production and manufacturing. This can be attributed to the conditions in which these panels would be operated in as PCAP operates under the principle of sensing electrodes on a touch panel and a conductive object rendering operation with gloves difficult or impossible. Here is a quick diagram of how PCAP works:


However, as more things become increasingly automated and operation of machinery becomes more complex, the option of a PCAP solution is a welcome addition to the standard Resistive Touch Panels.

For a list of differences between Resistive and Projected Capacitive Touch, please see the table below:

Description Resistive Projected Capacitive
Cost Low Cost Additional Cost for Features
Scratch Resistance Subject to Scratches High
Detection Precision Low High
EMI Immunity Good Based on Cost
Touch Point Single Multi
Chemical Cleaning Non-Chemical Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Approved
Application Single Touch Application Multi-Touch Applications

Different projects and applications have different requirements and ICOP is happy to announce that we will be supporting both touch panel options for the foreseeable future. Some applications that are utilizing PCAP currently include: medical, consumer electronics, kiosks, etc.

Projects and applications that are optimized and perform better with Resistive Touch are: healthcare, automation, and food production due to the possibility of lower cost and needing to wear gloves or hand protection.

For more information on the specifications of the 9-inch touch panel, see below:

  • 9-inch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Specification:

Items Specifications
Panel Size 9 inches
Structures Glass/Glass (ITO glass with Chemical enhanced)
Type Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
Resolution 25ppi (Min.)
Transparency 86% ± 2%
Accuracy Within 2.5mm each target
Surface Hardness ≧ 7H (Pressure:0.5N/45°)
Total Thickness 2.0 ± .01 mm (Cover_1.1 mm & Sensor_0.7 mm)
Operation Conditions -30  ~ +70  at Min 20% to Max 90% RH
Storage Conditions -40  ~ +80  at Min 10% to Max 90% RH
Electrostatic Discharge (Non-Operation) Contact: ±4KV, 3 times/1 point, 1 time / 1 sec, Total 3 points. Air: ±8KV, 3 times / 1 point, 1 time / 1 sec, Total 3 points.

Feel free to contact or your local sales for further information and related technical support.