Looking for LX800 replacement solution? ICOP can help!!

December 23, 2020

Long life and well known AMD Geode LX800 CPU has finally come to its end of life. Industrial Automation System providers and users are now facing the question “how to maintain or keep their legacy solution to live longer”; especially, most newer generation of CPUs do not have the legacy IO and OS support.

As an industrial single board computer provider, ICOP understands your worry and concern. A series of Vortex86DX3 CPU SBC with traditional standards like PC/104, Half-size ISA card and ETX, etc., are here to provide a drop-in replacement solution to ease your concern.




  Atom x5-E8000 Vortex86DX3 AMD LX800 Vortex86DX
CPU Model Atom x5-E8000 Vortex86DX3 AMD Geode LX Vortex86DX
CPU Clock 1.04 GHz 1000 MHz 498.06 MHz 1000 MHz
Memory 4GB 2GB (667MHz) 504 MB 512MB (300MHz)
OS Win7 Ultimate 64-bit Windows Embedded Standard 7 Windows XP
Professional Service Pack 3
[5.1 Build 2600]
Windows XP
Professional Service Pack 3
[5.1 Build 2600]
CrystalMark 120937 24495 5791 4624
MEM 19686 2923 794 516



Here are the series of replacement solution for your reference.

Platform IBW-6954-E4 VDX3-6754 VDX3-6724 VDX3-ETX
Platform type PC/104 form factor PC/104 form factor Half-size ISA Standard ETX module
Physical Picture IBW-6954 VDX3-6754 VDX3-6724. VDX3-ETX



Please contact us for more replacement solution information and let ICOPs x86 solution team helps carry on your “Legacy”.


For more info and sample request, please write to, call your nearest ICOP Branch, or contact our Worldwide Official Distributor.