Instructions, Purpose and Operation of the Vortex86EX2 Demo kit

May 21, 2021

Vortex86EX2 processor is a heterogeneous two-core CPU that utilizes the Master and Slave core to run two different BIOS & Operating System simultaneously without affecting each other. In addition, Vortex86EX2 is equipped with various I/O can be configured according to hardware requirements of applications. The Vortex86EX2 is a low-power consumption SoC, which integrates two independent 32-bit X86 processors.

ICOP will explain the detailed specification, purposes, and operation of the Vortex86EX2 Demo Kit, which will demonstrate all the advantages of this unique processor.

The solutions based on Vortex86EX2 are available now:





A. Block Diagram of VortexEX2 Demo-kit

  1. Illustrate the block diagram of Vortex86EX2 Demo kit
  2. The display output of Master Core and Slave Core
    (A) TTL LCD is the display of Master Core after it loads frame buffer driver.
    (B) Monitor shows the information of Master Core via VGA connector before load frame buffer driver.
    (C) Terminal from PC shows the information of Slave Core via UART.
  3. The picture of Vortex86EX2 Demo Kit.



B. The purpose of making this Vortex86EX2 Demo kit

The main purpose of making this demo kit is helping customers understand the following special features of Vortex86EX2:

  1. Dual core independence
    Vortex86EX2 CPU has two independent cores. Each core has its own BIOS and storage interface, and it can run different operating systems simultaneously.
  2. Internal communication
    Two independent cores can communicate in two ways on Vortex86EX2 CPU:
    i. FIFO COM

    ii. RAM Hole

    Example of using the RAM Hole function for internal communication in this Vortex86EX2 Demo kit.
  3. Dual cores do not affect each other
    On Vortex86EX2 CPU, the operation of the two cores does not affect each other. Even if one core fails, the other core remains functional. In Vortex86EX2 Demo example, the operation of Slave Core will be closed and restarted. At the same time, the Master Core will continue to run and will not be affected.
  4. LCD Frame buffer
    On Vortex86EX2 platform, there is no built-in GPU, but the Vortex86EX2 can still drive the LCD Panel to achieve the screen display function through the Frame buffer.
  5. Freely allocate I/O to any core
    All I/O functions on Vortex86EX2 can be freely assigned to any core as needed.
    As shown below:



C. Vortex86EX2 Operation Instructions

  1. Before you work with Vortex86EX2 Demo kit, you need to prepare the following items:
    • Vortex86EX2 Demo kit x1
    • Computer (not limited to desktop or laptop) x1
    • VGA Screen x1
    • RS232 turn to USB Cable x1
  2. Various I/O and operating instructions
    Master Core:
    User Interface of Master Core and LCD frame buffer
    VEX2-DemoKit_App-1 VEX2-DemoKit_App-2

    Slave Core:
    Since all I/Os have been assigned to the Slave Core, all information will be sent back to the Master Core's LCD display via the RAM Hole after the Slave Core executes any program.

    GPIO on Slave Core
    • Button Control:
    Trigger by Slave Core's GPIO and display it on Master Core's LCD Panel.
    • Light control:
    Command via Master Core's LCD touch panel and show the result on Slave Core's GPIO light.

    RS-485 self-transfer on Slave Core
    Slave Core RS-485 self-transfer with Master Core's command.
    • Click on the "Send Frame" in the red box on the Master core’s LCD touch panel
    • Master Core will present the command to Slave Core
    • RS485 Self-transfer's message will appear on the Slave Core's terminal screen

    CAN Bus self-transfer on Slave Core
    Slave Core's CAN Bus self-transfer with the command from Master Core.
    • Click on the Send Frame in the red box on the Master core’s LCD touch panel
    • Master Core will present command to Slave Core
    • CAN Bus self-transfer's message will appear on the Slave Core's terminal screen

    Temperature and Humidity sensor via I2C interface on Slave Core
    The temperature and humidity of environment are gathered by the sensor which connect to Slave Core via I2C interface and display it on Master Core.
    VEX2-DemoKit_Temp-1 VEX2-DemoKit_Temp-2
    (In the Vortex86EX2 Demo kit example, the sensor is touched by a finger to change the temperature and humidity.)
    Status when the Sensor is not touched:
    The temperature and humidity information showed on Master Core LCD panel.
    The temperature and humidity information showed on terminal of Slave Core.
    Status when the Sensor is touched:
    The temperature and humidity information showed on Master Core LCD panel.
    The temperature and humidity information showed on terminal of Slave Core.

    Self-reset on Slave Core
    In the case of two core independent, you can stop the program and restart the slave core after pressing Esc on the Slave Core, and without affecting Master Core.
    • Master Core:
    Master Core is still in operation while the Slave Core is logged out.
    • Slave Core:
    After pressing Esc, the program will stop running on Slave core.
    Please enter the account of the Slave Core operating system: [ root], and login password: [ root].
    Will appear [ root@buildroot:], and please perform [ reboot]. After completion, the Slave Core will restart and resume to work.



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