VDX3 SBC from ICOP Technology, a long-term reliable legacy support solution supplied at least till year 2030

October 25, 2023

In an era of exponential technological evolution, maintaining pace with advancements is crucial for any tech entity. From the leaps from single-chip processors to quad-core CPUs and the transformative shift from wired communication to cloud technology, the landscape of industrial technology is in a state of perpetual growth. Amidst these advancements, the relevance of legacy systems like ISA and PC/104 cannot be overlooked. ICOP Technology, recognizing the indispensable nature of these systems, has not only evolved alongside modern tech trends through solutions like the QEC EtherCAT open-source automation system but also continues to innovate in providing essential legacy solutions.

ICOP's Legacy Solutions: A Reflection of Commitment:

ICOP has a rich history of serving the industrial sector with highly reliable legacy systems.
Popular products such as the VDX-6354RD PC/104 and VDX-6326RD 3.5" boards stand testament to ICOP's dedication in this domain. Furthermore, Many great SBC such as PCM-3343 and ECM-DX2 also jointed the market for legacy support in the past”


This commitment was further solidified in 2015 with the launch of an array of products designed to meet diverse industrial needs: the VDX3-6754-V2 / VDX3-6755 PC/104, VDX3-6724-V2 half-size ISA board, and VDX-6726-V2 3.5" single-board computer. These introductions marked a significant step in ICOP's mission to remain at the forefront of providing robust, long-term legacy solutions.


Special E-Shop Promotion: Accessibility Meets Affordability:

Understanding the challenges industries face in integrating and testing legacy solutions, ICOP has launched a special promotion throughout November, offering a substantial $99.00 USD discount on all VDX3 series boards purchased via their E-shop. This move aims to make these high-demand products more accessible to professionals and industries alike.

If you're interested in exploring these legacy solutions, please visit our Eshop directly using the following link:

Unwavering Support: ICOP's Promise for the Future:

Legacy systems demand not just compatibility and performance but a promise of long-term support. ICOP guarantees availability of the VDX3 product line until at least 2030, considering the consistent demand. This enduring support is exemplified by the Vortex86DX series, still relevant and popular since its 2008 introduction.

ICOP further eases the transition phases by launching replacements ahead of their products' end-of-life (EOL), like the recent VDX3-6754S-V2, succeeding the VSX-6154-V2 from 2007. This strategic foresight ensures uninterrupted service and technological consistency for ICOP's clientele.

ICOP, Your Trustworthy Partner for Legacy Systems

With its comprehensive solutions for legacy systems particularly in the PC/104 and ISA bus domains, ICOP emerges as the most reliable partner for industries seeking long-term support and product availability. Whether your systems run on DOS or Embedded Linux, ICOP’s legacy solutions are designed to empower your industry-specific applications, ensuring a seamless blend of long-term, reliability and extending legacy technological needs.

To learn more about how our solutions can empower your specific industry and application needs, please check the table below:


Mentioned products

Model Name VDX3-6754-V2 VDX3-6755 VDX3-6724-V2 VDX3-6726-V2
CPU DM&P SoC Vortex86DX3 - 1GHz
Memory 1GB / 2GB DDR3 onboard
CF card (optional)
Connectivity 4xCOMs, 2xUSB, LAN, LPT, Audio, 16GPIO. 3xCOMs, 2xUSB, GLAN, LAN, CAN. 4xCOMs, 4xUSB, GLAN, LAN, LPT, Audio, 16GPIO. 4xCOMs, 4xUSB, 2xGLAN, LAN, PWM, Audio, 16GPIO.
Type PC/104 Half-size 3.5" SBC

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