DM&P SoC Vortex86EX- 400MHz


  • x86/Vortex86EX 400MHz
  • 128MB
  • RS-232
  • USB
  • LAN
  • LPT
  • PWM
  • I2C
  • SPI flash
  • Audio
  • PCIe
  • ISA
  • GPIO
  • ADC


  • DM&P SoC Vortex86EX- 400MHz

  • 128MB DDR3 onboard


  • Onboard 7.5MB SPI Flash

  • 128-pin Module, I/O ports programmable (80 pins)

  • Programmable: up to 80 GPIO, up to 9 UART, X-ISA, Parellel, SPI, I2C, CAN, USB Device, eMMC, Motion Control Module (MCM) 11-bit ADC channel x 8

  • 45 (L) x 28 (W) x 7 (H)mm, DC +5V @ 380 mA

  • Optional: Audio, CAN, LTP, eMMC, USB device, MCM



Technical Resource

Processor DM&P SoC CPU Vortex86EX 400Mhz with FPU
Cache L1: I/D-Cache 16/16KB
System Memory 128MB DDR3 Onboard
Flash Disk Support 128MB Onboard 7.5MB SPI Flash Disk
I/O Interface Integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet x 1
SATA v1.0 x 1 (Secondary IDE Channel)
PCIe v1.1 x 1
USB v2.0 x 2
ADC 11-bit 100K/s x 8 channels
I/O programmable support 10 ports
(80 pins)
Function Description Maximum Unit
GPIO General Purpose Input/Output 80 bit
UART 16C550/16C552 compatible 10 port
TX/RX UART UART with only TX/RX pin 8 pair
UART TXDEN RS485 Auto direction control 8 bit
x-ISA selectable for 8/16 bit and all other signals(Only 1 DMA channel) 1 bit/ port
MCM Motion control module 3 port
Printer Printer Port 1 port
SD/eMMC SD/eMMC 1 port
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface 2 port
CAN Controller Area Network 1 port
I2C Inter-Integrated Circuit 1 port
USB Device USB Device port, version:1.1 1 port
LAN LED Link and Duplex LED for build-in Ethernet 2 bit
Keyboard PS/2 Keyboard 1 port
Mouse PS/2 Mouse 1 port
WDTOUT WatchDog timeout signal 1 bit
CLK OUT Clock output select from 14.318MHz /24MHz /25MHz ISA Clock 1 bit
MTBF MTBF flag output 1 bit
HD Audio High Definition Audio 1 port
Power Requirement Single Voltage +5V @ 380 mA  (typical)
Weight 10g
Dimensions 45(L)mm x 28(W)mm x 7(H)mm (1.77 x 1.1 inches)
Operating Temp. -20℃ ~ +70℃ -40℃ ~ +85℃ (optional)
Operating System Support DOS
Linux ( Kernel 2.6.24 or later, i486 mode)
Windows CE 5.0, CE 6.0, Compact 7
VxWorks 5.5 & 6.8
QNX 6.3.2
FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.
Other Real-Time OS has 486 supports, for example, RTOS-32.
Product Name Description
VEX-SOM Vortex86EX SOM 128 pin CPU Module with 128MB DDR3
VEX-SOM-X Vortex86EX SOM 128 pin CPU Module with 128MB DDR3, -40°C ~+85°C support
VEX-SOM-DEV VEX-SOM Development Board*1
MINI-PCI-E VGA cable*1
GPIO cable*5
Mini PCI VGA Board*1
Mini PCI Express to PCI express converter*1
PRINT PORT cable*1
Y cable(1 Male to 2 Female)*1

The VEX-SOM is a 45 x 28 mm, 128 pins, single +5V input, System On Module with onboard CPU, DRAM, and SPI Flash; also take advantage of Vortex86EX Programmable I/O as a powerful, flexible, tiny, and low power module.