[Technical tips] Boot up to FreeDOS from SPI flash

July 13, 2022

This article explains how to boot up FreeDOS from SPI flash.


What is SPI Flash means?

SPI:The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a synchronous serial communication interface specification used for short-distance communication, primarily in embedded systems. The SPI bus can operate with a single master device and with one or more slave devices. Typical applications include Secure Digital cards and liquid crystal displays.

SPI Flash is a Flash that uses SPI communication. The two main types of flash memory, are NOR flash and NAND flash. NOR-based flash has long erase and write times, but provides full address and data buses, allowing random access to any memory location. This makes it a suitable replacement for older read-only memory (ROM) chips, which are used to store program code that rarely needs to be updated, such as a computer's BIOS or the firmware of set-top boxes.

Before you begin with the installation, make sure your device has FreeDOS installed.


Target Device:

We will be using the VDX2-6554 (4MB SPI Flash, NOR Flash) to be the target device in this section.

Setup the BIOS to boot up from SPI flash to FreeDOS:

  • Enter the BIOS menu, once you press
    to enter the BIOS.
  • Select Boot ➔ Boot Settings Configuration ➔ Virtual Flash Floppy ➔ OnBoard
    * BIOS version different may have different options, select OnBoard, External or Enable option to enable the function.
    tip8_step21 tip8_step22 tip8_step23
  • Save BIOS settings by press
    , and it will bootable the FreeDOS on SPI flash successfully.


After the above steps, it will boot up from SPI flash to FreeDOS as floppy disk A:


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Main features of VDX2-6554:

  • DM&P SoC Vortex86DX2- 800Hz
  • 512MB / 1GB DDR2 onboard
  • 4S / 2U / VGA / LCD / LVDS / LAN / LPT / SPI / Audio / 16GPIO / SATA
  • Operation Temperature: -20 ~ +70°C / -40 ~ +85°C (Optional)

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