Vortex86 Processors detection in new release Linux 5.16

March 11, 2022

In November 2021 Linux kernel 5.16 release, the detection of Vortex86 processors is added with properly identification.


DMP’s Vortex86 SoCs work well with various legacy Linux distributions without a dedicated but a generic x86 32-bit kernel. The Vortex86 32-bit SoCs have worked under Linux for those distributions still maintaining 32-bit x86 support and where not hitting corner-cases of some i686 level features not being supported by some Vortex86 cores. Now with the detection in Linux Kernel 5.16, not only legacy but also new application powered by Vortex86 can take the advantage of this kernel release.

Meltdown and Spectre attacks will not act Vortex86 CPUs

Vortex86 CPUs aren't vulnerable to Spectre and Meltdown since they are an in-order design and lack CLFLUSH instruction. Also, the Linux kernel has properly catered to Vortex86 and identified them correctly applying the no performance-hitting mitigations.


Comparison with other processors:

  Atom x5-E8000 Vortex86DX3 AMD LX800 Vortex86DX
CPU Model Atom x5-E8000 Vortex86DX3 AMD Geode LX Vortex86DX
CPU Clock 1.04 GHz 1000 MHz 498.06 MHz 1000 MHz
Memory 4GB 2GB (667MHz) 504 MB 512MB (300MHz)
OS Win7 Ultimate 64-bit Windows Embedded Standard 7 Windows XP
Professional Service Pack 3
[5.1 Build 2600]
Windows XP
Professional Service Pack 3
[5.1 Build 2600]
CrystalMark 120937 24495 5791 4624
MEM 19686 2923 794 516

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