[EB-IMX8MM] 3. Install Images by UUU

December 02, 2020

After implementing bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx, an image file will be generated and stored in the file under build-dmp/tmp/deploy/images/dm395b.

In the build-dmp/tmp/deploy/images/dm395b file, the files below will be needed for image restoration.

  1. fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx-dm395b.sdcard.bz2
  2. imx-boot-dm395b-sd.bin-flash_evk


Input command to get the image file fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx-dm395b.sdcard (In this file, there are packaged kernel and rootfs):

$ bzip2 -d fsl-mage-qt5-validation-imx-dm395b.sdcard.bz2


To download the sample, please contact


If you have a requirement to change the file name, please follow the steps below to change your file name (You could choose not to change the file name).

SDP: boot -f XXX.bin-flash_evk

SDPU: write -f XXX.bin-flash_evk -offset 0x57c00

SDPS: boot -f XXX.bin-flash_evk

SDPV write -f XXX.bin-flash_evk -skipspl

FB: flash bootloader XXX.bin-flash_evk

XXX.bin-flash_evk = imx-boot-dm395b-sd.bin-flash_evk

FB: flash -raw2sparse all XXX.image

XXX.image = fsl-mage-qt5-validation-imx-dm395b.sdcard


After you have set the file name, input the command below to install Yocto Linux.