ICOP's Mini BOX PC, a compact industrial computer with fanless design and powered by Vortex86, ARM and Intel processors

December 08, 2020


First release EBOX series in 2002 by DMP. Due to its popularity and widespread use in many applications, ICOP started to offer this sleek fanless box computer solution to its industrial customers now.

This Mini BOX PC package has evolved from 486 level CPU inside initially to the current ones with processors running frequency over 1.6GHz. Rugged, Compact, Fanless, Low Power Consumption and Long Life Supply are design concepts around it. Lightweight (mostly under 700g) strong aluminum case with a compact dimension of 115 x 115 x 35mm plus DIN Rail & VESA Mounting capability allows it to be deployed in many places easily.


Low power consumption advantage (mostly under 10W) makes this small and neat device ideal hardware for IoT, Edge Computing, Point-of-Sales, Digital signage, Ticketing, Fleet Management, and many other applications.


EBOX currently offers a wide variety of choices with Vortex86, Intel, or ARM core processor inside. Hundreds of model types are available according to its processor, memory, storage, and IO configuration. The latest one comes with NXP i.MX8M Mini processor inside and pre-installed ICOP’s Yocto Linux or Android 9 ready to use image.  





  ARM Intel Multi-display Intel Simple and Classic Legacy x86
Part No EBOX-IMX8MM EBOX-AL Apollo Lake EBOX-58 Braswell EBOX-3362
CPU NXP i.MX8M Mini Apollo Lake N3350/J3455 Braswell x5-E8000/N3160 DM&P Vortex86DX3
RAM Up to 4GB DDR3 Up to 8GB DDR3 Up to 8GB DDR3 Up to 2GB DDR3
Temp. 0°C to +60°C 0°C to +60°C 0°C to +60°C -20°C to +70°C
O.S Support Yocto Linux, Android 9 Win10 IoT, Linux Win10 IoT, Linux Linux, DOS, Windows7/XP/CE


Special Offer for E-News reader only!!

USD 99 (EXW Taiwan):
for EBOX-IMX8MM with Yocto or Android 9 pre-installed.
Please contact us for this time-limited offer.
(Limit one unit for each, before 12/31/2020)



Size: 115 x 115 x 35mm




VESA 100 x 100mm:


VESA Mounting Actual Image:



DIN Rail (Optional) Actual Image:






For more info and sample request, please write to, call your nearest ICOP Branch, or contact our Worldwide Official Distributor.