PC/104 enclosure system

A customizable enclosure for your PC/104 boards

  • PC/104
  • PCI/PCIe


  • IP67 rated

  • Support PC/104 form factor

  • Active-warming design enclosure

  • Customizable I/O ports configuration services

  • Company’s logo engraving services

  • Enhances the reliability of your systems in -60℃~+80℃ environment(Optional -100℃~+80℃)

  • Ready to ship in 7 business days



Technical Resource


Material Aluminum
Dimension 7.2” x 7.3” x 2.2” (181.6mm x 184.7mm x 56.6mm)
7.2" x 7.3" x 4.8" (181.6mm x 184.7mm x 123mm)
7.2” x 7.3” x 6.8” (181.6mm x 184.7mm x 172.8mm)
Power Supply AC-DC PC/104 Power Module / Single +5V DC input
Certificate IP65 / IP67 (Option)
Operating Temperature -100°C to +85°C


Chassis Dimension:


Dimension: 7.2” x 7.3” x 2.2” (181.6mm x 184.7mm x 56.6mm)





No. Name Part Number Description Qty.
1 Cover Case-ICE-Cover ICE Cover Case 2
2 Frame_Case Case-ICE-Frame-3L ICE Frame Case 3U (49.8mm) 1
3 Shockproof_Rubber Silicon-ICE-Shock-1 Shockproof Rubber 8
4 Waterproof_Rubber Silicon-ICE-WP-1 Waterproof Rubber 2
5 Left_Bracket Case-ICE-PC104-L-BR PC/104 Module Left Bracket 1
6 Right_Bracket Case-ICE-PC104-R-BR PC/104 Module Right Bracket 1
7 Left_Bracket_PW Case-ICE-PW-L-BR PC/104 Power Module Left Bracket 1
8 Right_Bracket_PW Case-ICE-PW-R-BR PC/104 Power Module Right Bracket 1
10 Anti-Vibrate_Gromment Silicon-ICE-Vibrate-1 Anti-Vibrate Grommet 8
11 Anti-Vibrate_Gromment-Screw Screw-ICE-VIbrate-1 Anti-Vibrate Grommet Screw 8
12 Round Head Screws Screw-ICE-R3 M3 x 0.5-L6 12
13 Flat Head Screws Screw-ICE-FLM4-SL M4 x 0.7-L12 8
14 Hexagon Screw Screw-ICE-HEXM5-SL-2 M5 x 0.8-L60 4
15 Nut Screw-ICE-Nut-M3 JIS B 1811 Hexagon nut
Class 2 Finished M3-S
16 Nut Screw-ICE-Nut-M5-SL JIS B 1811 Hexagon nut
Class 2 Finished M5-S

ICE Series is a lightweight, rugged enclosure purposely designed for PC/104, and a system can be used in an environment where wide temperature or drastic shock presents. This unique enclosure system is the first of its kind that provides the ICE(Industrial Custom Enclosure) demand, which makes it a truly flexible, easy design. Delivering the industry’s highest PC/104 system serviceability level, the ICE Series greatly simplifies field retrofits, reconfigurations, and upgrades.

ICOP can custom made the I/O panel according to the customer’s application within a concise period of time and with no minimum orders. ICE provides a compact, lightweight, and flexible enclosure system by using our fanless CPU module. In the ICOP concept, customer can construct their PC/104stack and attach cables within an aluminum box. The ICE Series can be easily expanded to add additional segments. The housing with a water-tight seal, it can meet up to IP65 specification. Furthermore, the vibration isolator will protect the PC/104 module assembles. Design your next embedded system with the new ICE Series. The ICE Series also provides a very high degree of protection against damaging shock and vibration energies common to mobile, airborne, shipboard, and other demanding embedded PC/104 environments. The ICE Series will be the next generation of the enclosure embedded system.


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