PPC-150T-D2, a stable 15" Panel PC solution that displays information in internal LCD use on Passenger Information System (PIS)

April 14, 2022

Modern trains keep passengers informed and easily located, enabling them to plan their journeys better and increase passenger comfort and satisfaction. Passenger Information System (PIS) may be transmitted via screens and speakers, including route maps, entertainment, advertisements, current front train location, next stop, line number, train destination, estimated departure time, estimated arrival time, and connections and information about disruptions, etc.


Providing the Train-driver with an interactive PIS interface

The Configuration and Diagnose Display is used to input a train route, which is displayed by the Internal LCD (ICOP’s PPC-150T) and the External LED Panels. Information typed into the configuration and diagnose display will be sent to the vehicle control unit and forwarded to our PPC-150T through Ethernet connection.

Our Romanian partner TEHMIN-BRAȘOV has implemented this project and selected our system as it provides stable performance in an environment where resilience against shocks and vibration is crucial.

  • Our customer: TEHMIN-BRAȘOV
  • Application: PIS in Passenger Coaches
  • ICOP Hardware: PPC-150T-D2W4N + ICF-8GB-X
  • OS: Linux Python

PPC-150T-D2, a 15" Panel PC with stable performance, extended operating temperature support, low power consumption and fanless design

The PPC-150T-D2 is a 15" Panel PC offering fanless design, low power consumption and IP65 front panel. Powered by DMP's Vortex86DX2 SoC, the PPC-150T-D2 features multi-function I/O ports, IP65 front panel faceplate, 10/100Mps Ethernet, GIGA high-speed Ethernet, WLAN and more. The resistive touch panel with LED-backlit TFT LCD increases operational convenience and visibility in outdoor environments. The ultra-compact and slim design are ideal for today's demanding embedded and production applications.

The consistent advantages are stable performance, extended operating temperature support, low power consumption and fanless design. Scalable custom I/O ports are available to meet the connectivity requirements of industrial machine platforms and industrial automation equipment.

Main features of PPC-150T-D2:

  • DM&P SoC Vortex86-DX2- 933MHz
  • 512MB / 1GB / 2GB DDR2 onboard
  • 2S / 3U / GLAN / LAN / Audio / SATA / CF / 12~24V
  • 15 inch TFT 1024x768 Resolution LCD with resistive touchscreen
  • Operation Temperature: 0 ~ +50°C / -20 ~ +60°C with Vortex86-DX2-800MHz (Optional)
  • CF & SATA sockets onboard
  • CE/FCC/VCCI Certification, IP65 Front Panel Waterproof, Shock and Vibration
  • Wide power voltage input, DC +12~24Vdc
  • Optional: 512MB~4GB Flash onboard / GLAN / WLAN / Expansion I/O functions for additional PoE, 5S or 3S with 16bit-GPIO

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