ICOP Technology - The sample for VEX2-6427 is available

November 07, 2019

    In order to expand our available I/O configurations, ICOP Technology has released a new board based on the 2018 Vortex86EX2 SoC with 10 COM ports

    After a year of development, ICOP has improved and successfully increased the available I/O s on the VEX2-6427 from 8 COM(serial) ports to 10 COM ports. We would like to announce that samples of the VEX2-6427 series 3.5” Industrial SBC, with extensive I/O support, are now ready for order.













    Currently, there are 3 types of VEX2-6427 for the customer to choose from:

    Detail product information:


For more info, please write to, call your nearest ICOP Branch, or contact our Worldwide Official Distributor.