ICOP Technology offers a new conformal coating and Underfill services

August 07, 2019

ICOP will begin to offer conformal coating service and Underfill to customers purchasing ICOP’s industrial boards.


Conformal Coating Service:

The coating machine: Nordson SL-940

The coating material:HumiSeal 1B73 (acrylic type).

PCB Conformal coating is a protective chemical coating that ‘conforms’ to the circuit board technique. Its purpose is to protect electronic circuits preventing corrosion from harsh environments containing moisture and or chemical contaminants.

HumiSeal® 1B73EPA coating is MIL-I-46058C qualified, IPC-CC-830, RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and EPA 33/50 compliant recognized under UL File Number E105698.


Underfill Service:

The underfill machine: ASCENTEX ASG-Mini

The underfill material: Zymet  X2823-B


There is no Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) for these services. The cost will be range from 10 – 30% of the board's price, depending on its size and complexity. ICOP’s standard manufacturer warranty still covers serviced items. 

Conformal coating provides additional protection against a variety of hazards such as moisture, dust, salt, chemicals, temperature changes, and mechanical abrasion. Underfill provides protection against dropping, scrolling, vibration, and collision during the delivery and operation. 

Overall, this improves a board's longevity, reducing the need to replace boards due to erosion from use.

To request conformal coating on your future orders or to get more details, please contact your ICOP salesperson.


For more info, please write to call your nearest ICOP Branch.