ICOP VOX-070-TS-EX2: A 7” Open frame with multiple I/O, up to 4x Mini PCIe and 5x COMs, less than 8 Watts, and fanless design to support -30 to +80°C

July 15, 2021

What is an Open Frame?

An Open Frame is a display device mainly situated in a bare metal enclosure and does not usually include a bezel. Usually Open Frame benefits clients have the flexibility with the direct access to all I/O functions on the PCBA behind the LCD Panel which maximize the possibility of Open Frame.

The compact and slim design allows open frame products can be installed in a space-limited environment. It is perfectly suitable for kiosks, ATMs, POS, marine, medical, transportation, industrial automation, commercial display and outdoor application.

ICOP Open Frame series offers a wide range of LCD Panel from 4.3”, 6.5”, 8.4”, 9”, 10.4”, to the 15”; customer can find suitable solution and install it in any existing system painlessly, meaning there is no more effort and time on assembly LCD, Motherboard and Touch Screen needed.



Vortex86VEX2 SoC

The Vortex86EX2 SoC is the new generation heterogeneous two cores CPU which utilizes the Master and Slave cores to simultaneously run two different BIOSs & Operating Systems without affecting each other; equipped with various programmable I/O; it is designed for real-time required industrial/automation applications.


• Main features of Vortex86EX2:

  • Two independent CPU core. Master for UI, Slave for real-time I/O
  • Truly two BIOS, two OS, no need Hypervisor and OS Virtualization
  • Two independents assigned DDR3 memory area, support ECC
  • Fail-save between Master and Slave core
  • Working Temp. -40 to 85 °C


Extended Reading: Vortex86EX2, Vortex86EX2 processor Introduction



VOX-070-TS-EX2, a 7” Open Frame with an Industrial-grade Fanless design and extreme low power consumption

The VOX-070-TS-EX2 is a brand-new solution based on a Vortex86EX2 SBC plus 7" 16:9 LCD Panel with resistive touch screen. The VOX-070-TS-EX2 has an industrial-grade Fanless design which supports true wide temperature operation environment from -30 to 80 ˚C, including its LCD Panel and SBC.

Multiple I/O function is another highlight of the VOX-070-TS-EX2. It provides 5 x COM ports (1 x RS232/485), 4 x USB 2.0, 1 x LAN, 1 x 8-bit GPIO, 1 x CAN bus (2.0A/2.0B), etc. There are also 4 x Mini PCIe slots on VOX-070-TS-EX2 allow user to have unlimited expansion of Wireless communication (LTE/WLAN/Bluetooth), specific I/O functions are only available on Mini PCIe module, and so on.

The unique storage interface of VOX-070-TS-EX2 makes itself a product can be used for no matter normal (i.e., Home Automation) or critical (i.e., Transportation, Military and defense) applications. The standard storage interface is SD Card slot (SDXC supported) which is suitable for applications needs to be updated through the boot up disk frequently; the easiness of replacing SD Card can helps customer save the cost of sending profession engineers to real facilities and let software / application be updated by non-technical operator easily. When critical application is needed, customer can consider the option of having onboard eMMC as storage interface; with the onboard eMMC, it assures the critical application of a secure and unbreakable operation.

ICOP's rugged, low-power consumption and fanless touch Panel PC (including Open Frame) have successfully been adopted into many industrial applications. For example, in aviation, medical devices, optical control systems, factory automation, entry systems, vending machines, logistics, etc. They can be your best cost-effective human-machine interface choice as well!
The VOX-070-TS-EX2 is ready for order and under mass production.




• Main features of VOX-070-TS-EX2:

  • DM&P SoC Vortex86EX2- 600MHz
  • 7-inch TFT 800x480 Resolution LCD with resistive touch screen
  • Multiple I/O functions: Mini PCIe/GPIO/CAN Bus/COM/USB, etc
  • Support x86 based RTOS, Linux, and Windows CE. (BSP and demo image pre-install ready)
  • Operation Temperature: -20 ~ +70°C / -30 ~ +80°C (Optional)


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