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Vortex86 Family Overview



The Vortex86EX is a high performance and fully static 32-bit X86 processor with the compatibility of Windows based, Linux and most popular 32-bit RTOS.
It also integrates 16KB write through 4-way L1 cache, 128KB write through/write back 4-way L2 cache, PCIE bus in at 2.5 GHz, DDR3, ROM controller, xISA, I2C, SPI, IPC (Internal Peripheral Controllers with DMA and interrupt timer/counter included), Fast Ethernet, FIFO UART, USB2.0 Host and SD/SATA controller within a single 288-pin LBGA package to form a system-on-a-chip (SOC). It provides an ideal solution for the embedded system to bring about desired performance.

System Block Diagram

Vortex86EX Diagram


◎ X86 Processor Core

– 6-stage pipeline
–300MHz, 400MHz (Heatsink), 500MHz (Fan)

◎ Floating point unit support

– Extends CPU instruction set to include Trigonometric, Logarithmic and Exponential
– Implements ANSI/IEEE standard 754-1985 for binary Floating-Point Architecture

◎ Branch prediction unit

– Branch target buffer

◎ Translation Lookaside buffer

– 32 I/D translation lookaside buffer

◎ Embedded I / D Separated L1 Cache

– 16K I-Cache, 16K D-Cache

◎ Embedded L2 Cache

– 4-way 128KB L2 Cache
– Write through or write back policy

◎ DDRIII Control Interface

– 16 bits data bus
– 2 rank
– DDRIII clock support up to 300MHz
– DDRIII size support up to1Gbytes

◎ SD Interface

– SD x 1 at IDE Primary Channel

◎ SATA Interface

– SATA 1.5G (1 Port) at IDE Secondary Channel

◎ Ethernet MAC Controller + PHY

◎ PCIE Control Interface

– Up to 1 sets PCIE device

◎ PCIE Target Interface

◎ USB 2.0 Host Support

– Supports HS, FS and LS
– 2 port

◎ USB 1.1 Device Support

– 1 port
– Supports FS with 3 programmable endpoint

◎ HDA Controller

– 1 input stream, 1 output stream

◎ ADC Interface x 8

◎ I2C bus

– Compliant w/t V2.1
– Some master code (general call, START and CBUS) not support.

◎ SPI Boot Interface

– For boot up function from SPI flash
– Half duplex
– Support SPI Flash Size up to 128MB

◎ Full Duplex SPI Controller

– Some master code (general call, START and CBUS) not support.
– Support SPI Device x2 (Chip Select x2)

◎ CANbus Controller

◎ Motor Control Interface Support

– 1 groups of controller, 4 controllers per group
– Each controller can configure to PWM/Servo/Sensor Interface mode
– Controller interconnect to the other with routing network in the same group

◎ xISA Bus Interface

– AT clock programmable
– 8/16 Bit xISA device with Zero-Wait-State
– Generate refresh signals to xISA interface during DRAM refresh cycle
– Support Max xISA Clock 33M

◎ DMA Controller

◎ Interrupt Controller

◎ MTBF Counter

◎ Counter / Timers

– 1 sets of 8254 timer controller

◎ Real Time Clock

– Less than 2.5uA (3.0V) power consumption in Internal RTC Mode while chip is power-off.

◎ FIFO UART Port x 10 ( 10 sets COM Port )

– Compatible with 16C550 / 16C552
– Default internal pull-up
– Supports the programmable baud rate generator with the data rate from 50 to 6M bps
– The character options are programmable for 1 start bits; 1, 1.5 or 2 stop bits; even, odd or no parity; 5~8 data bits
– Support TXD_En Signal on COM1-8
– Port 80h output data could be sent to COM1 by software programming
– Support half-duplex mode

◎ Parallel Port

– Supports SPP/EPP/ECP mode

◎ General Programmable I/O

– Supports 80 programmable I / O pins
– Each GPIO pin can be individually configured to be an input/output pin
– GPIO_P0~GPIO_P9 can be program by 8051A
– All GPIO port with interrupt support (input/output)

◎ PS / 2 Keyboard and Mouse Interface

◎ Support

◎ Input clock

– 25 MHz
– 32.768 KHz

◎ Output clock

– 1 clock output select from 14.318MHz /24MHz /25MHz/ xISA Clock
– Compatible with 8042 controller

Speaker out

– JTAG Interface supported for S.W. Debugging

Operating Voltage Range

– Core voltage: 1.2 V ± 5%
– I / O voltage: 1.5V ± 5% , 1.8V ± 5% ,3.3 V ± 10 %

Operating temperature

– -40℃ ~ 85℃

Package Type

– 16x16mm TFBGA-288, Ball Pitch:0.8mm



  • MTBF counter (built-in)
     One-time write Flash area for number of MTBF hour before shipment
     Timer count up by "hour"
     Built-in TTL alert signal will be enabled after time counter over MTBF number

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