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Vortex86 Family Overview

[ Vortex86 Series SoC Overview ]

The Vortex86 System-On-Chip (SoC) family was originally designed to provide product migration path to the existing user of the DMP M6117D SoC, a 40 Mhz x86 SoC introduced to the market in the early 1990s that reached end-of-life in 2007.
The Vortex86 SoC Family includes the Vortex86SX, Vortex86DX, Vortex86MX, Vortex86DX2 and upcoming Vortex86DX3. All three are 32-bit x86 processors designed for ultra low power consumption. With a core design based on matured x86 CPU architecture, a rich set of integrated I/O, and designed to function in extreme temperatures ranging -40°C to +85°C , these SoCs provide the ideal hardware platform for designing the next generation of industrial single board computers, embedded controllers, and other embedded devices.

ICE-104 - Industrial Custom Enclosure

Industrial Custom Enclosure

Compact PC - Mini, Green but Powerful
Compact PC

Mini, Green but Powerful

Box PC - Embedded Barebone PC
Box PC

Embedded Barebone PC

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